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Merchandise StallAs additional fund-raising activities, Fife Festival of Music Shop sells gifts during Festival periods 'A', 'B' and 'C'.

Items for sale include: musical themed gifts, jewellery, rulers, pens, pencils and decorated notebooks, stylish Music Bags (with shoulder strap) displaying FFoM logo - and many more.

Also available, beautiful handcrafted cards and gift tags. Many different designs.

New and available now, cotton tote bags with FFoM logo, only £3. A bargain!

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We currently have available a 20 volume set of the last version (1995, paperback) of the Grove Dictionary of Music to be available in hard copy. Current versions of Grove only available online/electronically so this set is a collector's item. Very good condition. See photograph below. £300.

The New Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians is the world's greatest music encyclopaedia. This 20-volume set comprises over 18,000 pages of information on the history and development of music, instruments, musical forms and terms, musical cities and institutions, and, above all, thousands of eminent composers and performers. Volumes are fully illustrated with photographs, drawings and musical examples, and all major articles include extensive bibliographies. Composer entries are accompanied by detailed composition lists.

Invaluable resource for musicians, from music students and enthusiasts to the professional musician.
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