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Festival 2014 - Period B

May 2014 - Period B

Fife Festival of Music held a highly successful day of music making at the Rothes Halls on 26th May - the Festival’s ‘B’ period event for 2014. 170 young musicians worked in two groups, one with Richard Michael on Jazz/Improvisation and the other with Seonaid Aitken on Scottish/Traditional.

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The young musicians were inspired by performances from the leaders and worked hard for the day learning new ideas and techniques. A final short performance from each group showed off the efforts of the day. The event was supported and represented by players from each and every one of the 19 secondary schools in Fife together with a large number of Instructors from the Instrumental Music Service, participating and supporting their pupils.

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The event was operated as a partnership between and among the Festival, Fife Council Instrumental Music Service and the parent support groups Trust/Charity, Fife Youth Music Activities.