Fife Festival of Music

2014 Period B approaches

Period B of 2014 is fast approaching. Workshops for Young Musicians will be held on Monday 26th May. Look for the entry form on the website, located here. and also see the list of our generous sponsors located here.

Photographs from 2014 Period A

Thanks to The Courier newspaper for providing 3 of the phots they took during Period A of the 2014 Festival and can be seen here. Details are also provided of how copies can be ordered from DC Thomson.

Winners from 2014

FFoM 2014 Recital Young Musician 003 10pc

All the competitors from the Young Musician 2014 and Young Singers Recital: 21 & Under classes are photographed after a wonderful evening in the Adam Smith Theatre, Kirkcaldy. Be sure to visit the Results 2014 page to find out who won these and all the other competitive classes in Period A of the 2014 Fife Festival of Music.



Raising Funds

If you are an online shopper then you can help by registering with Easy FundRaising so that your purchases generate a little extra income for Fife Festival of Music. Click here to go to the Easy Fundraising page. 

2014 Period A approaches

Period A of the Fife Festival of Music 2014 starts on 28th January and preparations are in full swing. On the website you can find the Festival Timetable, see the list of our generous Sponsors and find a new Feedback Form.

Don't forget that during the Festival the Winners' list will be regularly updated.