Fife Festival of Music

2016 Fiddle Day, Traditional Music Day

Click here to see photos from this very successful day held at Auchmuty High School in Glenrothes.

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2016 Period 'B' Entry Form

The Period B Entry Form for 2016 is now available here. This promises to be an exciting event - a Fiddle Day, a traditional music experience and is for youg musicians palying violin, viola or cello and aimed at school children in the range P7-S3.



2016 Period A Finale

The 2016 Period A Festival concluded on Friday evening (5th February) with the Young Singers Recital Class: 21 & under and the Young Musician 2016 class. This evening was a fitting climax to end two weeks of music making in different venues in Fife with 4 singers and 6 instrumentalists performing on the Adam Smith Theatre stage to a large, supportive and appreciative audience.

Photos of the winners from these classes and the results from the competitive classes during the fortnight can be found here.


2016 Festival

Festival time is here!

...and the Results will be posted every night on the website, so keep coming back!

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Festival Timetable for 2016

The outline Timteable for the Period A of the Fife Festival of Music, which runs from 25th January to 5th Februrary, is published, in pdf form, and available to download here.

Spread over two weeks in different venues, with solo and group events, competitive and non-competitive classes and from Primary School children to those who have long since left school this is a huge event not to be missed. So if you are not taking part be sure to come along to watch, listen and enjoy.